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TEam Events 

This page is where we keep up with the events we have paned. The calendar has events on it ranging from BJJ tournaments, Seminars, MMA fights, and many more. If you would like to participate or have questions about any of the events text Daniel at 479-601-3254

If there is an event you would like to attend that is not on the calendar please use the contact form below. Please include a link to the event homepage and any useful information. 

We make every effort to ensure a coach is with you for tournaments and competitions of all kinds. Please inform the coaches as soon as possible if you plan to compete to avoid scheduling conflicts. We can't guarantee someone will be able to coach you at your completion or event, but we will make every effort to do so. Additional cost such as travel and lodging may be required and is not included in your membership. 

BJJ tournament organizations and their  websites (Kids and Adults)

IBJJF - The IBJJF is the international governing body for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These tournaments are the highest level and a bit expensive. But they offer a very professionally ran tournament with the toughest competition and truly international competitors from all over the world.  An IBJJF membership is required to compete. 

IBJJF events - https://ibjjf.com/events/calendar 

IBJJF membership - https://ibjjf.com/athletes/become-a-member

American Grappling Federations or AGF -  Agf is one of the best tournaments out there. They run a very professional and timely tournament. They offer many divisions for kids and adults and offer competitors from a local and regional level. As AGF continues to go they are starting to attract more and more high-level competitors. This is a great first tournament for beginners and no membership is required.


FUJI BJJ tournaments - Fuji is most people's first tournament. They have a lot going for them as they offer multiple divisions for kids and adults. The completion is at a local level which is good for just getting your feet wet. They let you get into as many brackets as they can fit you in which is good for getting a lot of matches. The downside of that is the tournament is a bit less efficient, expect to be there most of the day. No membership is required. 


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