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Josh Garmoe



As a proud veteran of the United States Navy, Josh worked as a Special Warfare Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator where he trained in Navy Combatives. He created and trained a special task force with the mission to stop and apprehend shipboard active shooters and combative personnel. In 2014, he set a service record for the largest close quarter combat training with the largest multinational exercise. Partner nations included Australia, Canada, Poland, Norway, and South Korean.

He is qualified as a Senior EOD Technician and an Expeditionary Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor (ESAMI).  In this role, he ensured the required training and qualifications were achieved by his command's personnel prior to combat deployments.

Josh multiple military fitness programs affectionately dubbed "Suffer in Silence". The programs prepared hundreds of sailors for the fitness requirements of the special forces and warfare communities.

Josh is currently an Assistant Instructor at Diamond State MMA. Coaching often requires a unique approach. and Josh offers clear guidance and stability to his students. Those he trains quickly show improved physical conditioning and technical competency.

Josh is also the owner of 2nd Defensive Shooting, LLC where he trains real-world self-defense. Including firearms training and Arkansas concealed carry law.

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